How to create your blog brand and image

When you want to blog you are creating a brand under the name of your blog

Part of doing this is having a great looking website, one that is easy to navigate and pictures that are instantly recognisable as your brand

There is a lot that goes into building your brand and here is how to do it


Picking a theme is so important to your blog, I cover how to install a theme in this blog post

There are tons of free and premium themes around however, these might not be suitable for your brand. I chose to buy my theme from Pipdig as I found one I liked better than the free options

You might have seen a theme on a bloggers site you follow, don’t be afraid to pick a theme because someone else is using it. If you think it is suitable for your site as well go with it, as slight amendments can change the appearance

Whether you are choosing a free theme or a paid theme, make sure that it is mobile responsive. This means that it will automatically work to fit on mobile devices and it helps your search engine rankings.


Having a logo for your blog will help to bring your whole brand together.

It will make an image that is uniquely identifiable as you

There are no rules as to how or what your logo should look, this is personal preference


This should be something that is uniformed throughout your site

Try and stick to something that will work across the all of your blog posts, and link in with your logo

Anything you create, you can change it later

This is the same for all content, it can all be amended at a later stage if you change your mind

Remember building your blog is personal to you and how it looks is your choice

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