Revolution Pro Struck 24K Gold

Revolution Pro struck 24k gold with this eyeshadow palette looking like the golden hour

This is an absolutely stunning palette and something I am so pleased to have got my hands on

I am a huge fan of Revolution Pro make up. As well as all the other strands of the Revolution Beauty chain

New product launches with Revolution are always something to marvel. Products are always fantastic and so is the price point and variety on offer

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The 24k Gold collection actually consists of 2 palettes, a priming serum, a highlighter and a setting spray

The 2 palettes do differ slightly with the colour pans but both very reflective of the golden hour representation

Revolution Pro 24K Gold palette for me was the better choice, despite being the more expensive of the 2. Still only retails at £14.99 though so very affordable I think

18 pans of buttery smooth tones, including matts, metallics, shimmers and glitters


The 2 pans called Goldleaf and Halcyon are tiny fragments of soft glitter so you can really add some sparkle to your look. Be aware like most glitters even after a double cleanse you might still notice that small piece of sparkle somewhere on your face. It was quite hard to remove in 1 sitting but the look was totally worth it

One of the pans which is called Based (bottom left) is a golden cream colour shadow, and as the name suggests works brilliantly as an eyeshadow base

Applying this to your lids first really intensifies the additional colours you apply. You can pack on the glitters or shimmers and really make a colour statement with this palette using the based pan as a lid primer

The inclusion of the cream colour for me is genius. Having the base as part of the palette itself and being a colour appropriate base helps create more intense looks with ease

Like most eyeshadow colours if you use an eye lid primer or base first you get longer wear and better colour pay off

Having this in the palette almost encourages you to really make a statement with your look, and I couldn’t be happier about it

This colour tone palette would work on all skin tones. Revolution Pro struck 24K Gold with this eyeshadow palette

I would 100% recommend it and I think this is a gorgeous palette for Autumn as well as the festive look

I am a huge sucker for a sale and recently bought a whole load of new palettes


Revolution Make Up Bundle


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  1. Katie
    01/11/2020 / 09:25

    I think the gold colour palette looks great – very stylish

  2. Priscilla Stubbs
    01/11/2020 / 10:41

    This looks wonderful

  3. Alex McKay
    01/11/2020 / 10:54

    Love this golden palette. Would be great for the party holiday season. Even though things will be different this year, id still love to dress up and feel good about myself.

  4. Sarah-Jane Carter
    01/11/2020 / 10:57

    The gold palette looks absolutely stunning x

  5. Peter Watson
    01/11/2020 / 11:05

    I love the gold colour

  6. ashleigh allan
    01/11/2020 / 11:54

    I think it looks great!

    01/11/2020 / 12:13

    Having a freckly complexion and a woman of a certain age these golds are stunning & look perfect

  8. Sheena Batey
    01/11/2020 / 12:29

    Perfect for Christmas even if it’s just getting dolled up for a one to one lunch

  9. lisa jones
    01/11/2020 / 16:19

    the colours are simply stunning

  10. Annabel Greaves
    01/11/2020 / 16:32

    I really love this pallet

  11. Rebecca Nisbet
    01/11/2020 / 17:25

    I am not one for the glittery shades, but i do like the other colours, i do not go out that often so like softer naturel shades for daily wear

  12. thecatwhisper
    01/11/2020 / 17:59

    great range of colours

  13. Joanne Darnell
    01/11/2020 / 18:26

    so pretty

  14. Tracy Hanley
    01/11/2020 / 18:56

    Just the colours that i like to wear

  15. Charlotte isobelle
    01/11/2020 / 20:38

    There’s some beautiful colours I love the hint of the glitter too!

  16. Sandra Fortune
    01/11/2020 / 20:46

    Lovely and these colours suit me with having red hair . Lovely Prize

    • Lucy Tricker
      09/11/2020 / 11:09

      I love the gold pallette I think it’s very on trend

  17. Jo Dawkins
    01/11/2020 / 22:39

    Gorgeous! Colours for every eye colour and complexion!

  18. Globetrotter
    02/11/2020 / 10:38

    Stunning – great for older skin.

  19. Helen Arlow
    02/11/2020 / 11:02

    Gorgeous colours, perfect for glamming up a look x

  20. Brigitte Gorez
    02/11/2020 / 11:10

    It looks gorgeous.

  21. Maegan Boyle
    02/11/2020 / 13:18

    The palette is really pretty, and perfect for Christmas and New Year parties, and of course all-year round!

  22. clair downham
    02/11/2020 / 13:21

    i think it looks fabulous my daughter would love it

  23. Angie McDonald
    02/11/2020 / 18:03

    I love the gold colour palette – I think it’s perfect for party looks and more toned down make up styles

  24. Tiff Jordan
    03/11/2020 / 05:24

    I would like to try the Based shade with soft glittercon top over the golden pallette

  25. Richard M Johnson
    03/11/2020 / 13:11

    great prize

  26. Fiona jk42
    04/11/2020 / 23:28

    This palette loks great and it contains lots of colours I would actually use. So often palettes end up with some pans completely used up and other colours that have hardly been used. I also like the addition of the cream shadow base.

  27. Sally Collingwood
    06/11/2020 / 10:07

    I love this palette!

  28. Ruth harwood
    07/11/2020 / 08:22

    The palate looks perfect for the eyes to complete a great look for a day out or an evening meal, once the lockdown is over, perhaps even a few drinks with friends at the pub!

  29. Natalie Crossan
    07/11/2020 / 12:33

    I think it’s really classy and I love warm rich colours on my eyes 🙂

  30. Kerry Horsburgh
    07/11/2020 / 15:03

    It looks very festive and would give me an excuse to do more eye makeup again.

  31. Pippa Ainsworth
    07/11/2020 / 15:28

    I really like this palette, the colours work together so well and really complement each other

  32. Helen-Marie
    08/11/2020 / 09:10

    Lovely range of neutral colours

  33. Amy Doyle
    08/11/2020 / 09:24

    I love it my kind of colours

    • Heather Hibbert
      08/11/2020 / 11:37

      The Golden palette looks great, I love the shimmer shades especially

  34. Fiona Martin
    08/11/2020 / 09:26

    It looks lovely, some great shades and would be lovely for the festive season.

  35. Sarah Ann
    08/11/2020 / 09:28

    The gold colour palette is right up my street, perfect for day and night looks. I love it!

  36. Jackie Howell
    08/11/2020 / 11:04

    fabulous range of colours in the gold palette something for all occasions

  37. Heather Haigh
    08/11/2020 / 11:31

    I think its’ a really lovely palette

  38. Emma Lewis
    08/11/2020 / 12:07

    It is beautiful will look great in the summer

  39. Carole Nott
    08/11/2020 / 12:09

    A great selection pf shades – would love to try them

  40. Christine Shelley
    08/11/2020 / 12:21

    looks gorgeous for evening and daytime wear

  41. Rebekah L
    08/11/2020 / 13:17

    I love the pallette! Definitely the kind of colours I’d use 😀

  42. Sarah Parker
    08/11/2020 / 13:34


  43. Annette Oliver
    08/11/2020 / 13:52

    I think it will be great for christmas

  44. Natasha Whenham
    08/11/2020 / 14:02

    Some lovely shades in the gold palette although I think I prefer some of the more neutral matte tones

  45. NS
    08/11/2020 / 14:10

    Great pallette. A lot of their products are as good as well known more expensive brands. They are cruelty free which is a bonus!

  46. Jo Jones
    08/11/2020 / 14:55

    The gold palette is very chic and I would love to use it.

  47. Kathleen Marsden
    08/11/2020 / 15:43

    Fabulous and so different

  48. Jenny McClinton
    08/11/2020 / 17:55

    I think these are great and the colours are not too bold so it would be perfect for me.

  49. Jennifer Toal
    08/11/2020 / 18:37

    Beautiful nice and festive

  50. thecatwhisper
    08/11/2020 / 18:43

    Interested to see how those pop on my skin as I am very fair skinned

  51. Katie Jaques
    08/11/2020 / 19:56

    The gold palette looks like it would be the perfect choice for a night out – love the shades!

  52. Helen Tovell
    08/11/2020 / 21:35

    It looks great for special occasions or certain times of the year

  53. Rich Tyler
    08/11/2020 / 21:42

    Looks brill for wifey

  54. sherri Hough
    08/11/2020 / 22:49

    Interesting and definetly colours I would love to try!

  55. michelle o'neill
    09/11/2020 / 06:06

    I love the gold colour

  56. judy kennedy
    09/11/2020 / 13:49

    Quite an unusul selection of different golds to blend

  57. Bob Clark
    09/11/2020 / 15:15

    will make a great gift

    09/11/2020 / 19:15

    There’s colours in there I’ve never used before but I’d like to give them a try.

  59. pete c
    09/11/2020 / 19:18

    very muted and classy – not in your face

  60. Ellie Spider
    09/11/2020 / 21:35

    these all look great the shimmer an smoke especially

  61. Angela Muir
    10/11/2020 / 13:36


  62. Katie B
    11/11/2020 / 11:46

    I love the colours, very natural and earthy!

  63. Laura
    11/11/2020 / 19:13

    I love the look of the gold palette, I prefer the natural colours as opposed to blues and greens etc

    12/11/2020 / 20:27

    Gorgeous colours

  65. Emma Walters
    14/11/2020 / 13:06

    love the colour range!

  66. Christine Constable
    14/11/2020 / 14:31

    I think that the gold colour palette sounds great. The colours are lovely and having a primer as well is a real bonus.

  67. Maria
    15/11/2020 / 02:13

    I love shimerry colours and Metallica look gorgeous

  68. Gayatri Gogoi
    15/11/2020 / 22:20

    I love it – I think it would go great with my skin tone and for special occasions

  69. Caroline Tinsley
    16/11/2020 / 10:57

    I love this palette – it has such a great range of colours and a bit of sparkle is always good!

  70. Jessica Jacob
    16/11/2020 / 17:37

    I was looking for a gold pallet for when I get married but haven’t been able to find the right gold.

  71. Nadia Josephine
    21/11/2020 / 21:52

    Absolutely perfect for Christmas just brings a bit of festive glam. I love those colours!

  72. Lucy Wright-Booth
    23/11/2020 / 16:49

    I love gold make up, perfect for Christmas!

  73. kim white
    23/11/2020 / 19:10

    Looks great and it’s all of the colours that I wear so win win

  74. katrina walsh
    25/11/2020 / 14:39

    Its got me feeling excited for nights out we can enjoy in the future after lockdown

  75. Susan Willshee
    25/11/2020 / 20:35

    It’s such a good mix of tones and textures. Plenty of glam in there for Christmas parties (if we get any!) but also plenty of tones that can be used every day. A great palette.

  76. Alison Johnson
    25/11/2020 / 23:41

    It has some wonderful colours included & I’m sure will look fabulous when applied.

  77. Louise craney
    27/11/2020 / 14:24

    Wow love the gold xx

  78. Deborah Hambleton
    28/11/2020 / 15:07

    It’s very glam – hopefully we get the chance to use it this year!

  79. Alana Walker
    29/11/2020 / 18:21

    I only ever use golden/brown colours on my eyes as they suit my eye colour, so these fab palettes are right up my street!x

  80. Hazel Rea
    01/12/2020 / 22:23

    I think the palette is terrific – such a lovely range of colours.

  81. Charlotte F
    02/12/2020 / 18:16

    A lovely selection! Lots of option for both a day or night look!

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