How To Look After Your Dry Feet In Winter


From squeezing into high heels, to pounding the pavements on the way to work

Of all our body parts, our feet probably take the most punishment

But are you making sure you look after them properly?


Foot Care

I recently visited a pediatrist who told me that spending more than 10 minutes in the bath, can actually cause dry skin on your feet

Something that totally shocked me, I thought the longer the soak the better, apparently not

The best way to soak you feet is actually with a little bit of lemon juice, in luke warm water

Lemon juice is a mild acid so it helps dissolve the dead skin off your feet

Keeping your feet filed with a specialised foot tool will help keep them buffed up and hard skin free too

Doing this immediately after soaking your feet is the best time

How To Look After Your Dry Feet In Winter


Covering Up

Now wearing soaks to bed might not be the most attractive sleep wear style

But it is a great way to keep your feet soft

Applying a moisturiser or specialist foot cream before bed, and then popping your socks on, will help you wake up with softer skin

During these winter months, sleeping with socks on your feet might also help you sleep better

Ensure you avoid heavily fragranced products though, as the perfumes can cause dryness

Peppermint is my top recommendation for foot care products, it also feels really cool and fresh too

However, products containing hemp seed oil can really work wonders too


Winter is probably the worst time for dry skin on feet

You can see another of my posts about keeping your skin looking good in the winter here

It can strike at any time of the year though, so best to make foot care part of your regular maintenance

Dry skin on feet can be such a common complaint, and a potentially painful one too

Leaving excess skin to harden and crack can be extremely uncomfortable until it has heeled

The good news is that with a bit of regular TLC and the right choice of products, you can keep dry, cracked skin under control


Let me know in the comments, do you maintain regular foot care?


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How To Look After Your Dry Feet In Winter



  1. Natalie Crossan
    13/11/2018 / 10:12

    I actually have a dry skin condition which gets really really bad during winter, peppermint has always been really helpful

  2. sandy lynn ralph
    13/11/2018 / 19:54

    i get dry feet in the colder weather so i will try some of these ideas

  3. A S,Edinburgh
    14/11/2018 / 07:11

    I love these tips. I find even one overnight treatment can do a lot of good.

  4. Amy simpson
    14/11/2018 / 08:06

    I’ll try these tips,as i suffer with dry feet in colder months x

  5. Lyndsey cooksey
    15/11/2018 / 08:26

    What great ideas! I always get dry hands and feet in the winter. I always use a hand cream for my hands but never think about treating my feet!

  6. Louise Reeks
    15/11/2018 / 09:01

    My feet are worse in the summer for getting dry, winter time they are fine. But will pas on these tips to my daughter

  7. bev
    15/11/2018 / 10:44

    I always do mine after using my foot spa.

  8. Denise walton
    15/11/2018 / 11:37

    I get very dry feet I should really look after them better

  9. Alica
    15/11/2018 / 13:09

    I agree about the hemp seed oil! It works wonders!

  10. jacqui graham
    17/11/2018 / 07:08

    I have just discovered hemp seed oil, I used to have a deep crack in the skin on the ball of my foot, the oil softened the skin, and I feel so much more comfortable. your blog has emphasised I need to look after my feet more. Thank you.

  11. Carolyn E
    18/11/2018 / 14:09

    Great tips. I never knew about the long bath soak being bad for feet either. Also I get dry feet when I wear sandals, so these tips and every useful. Thanks.

  12. Lorna Ledger
    18/11/2018 / 17:23

    I use a bit of Tea Tree oil on my toenails, and it helps fight any soreness. sometimes I get the dreaded ingrown toe nails

  13. James Travis
    18/11/2018 / 18:00

    Great tips thank you

  14. Emily Smith
    19/11/2018 / 06:19

    Thanks for the tips..

  15. bev
    19/11/2018 / 08:50

    I’ve tried the lemon juice – it worked!

  16. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev)
    20/11/2018 / 07:23

    I didn’t realise that a soak in the bath would be bad for my feet! I think I’ll start doinf the sock thing (especially now it’s getting colder!)

  17. Denise walton
    26/11/2018 / 11:12

    I suffer with very dry feet I’ll have to try the sock thing

  18. Tess D
    26/11/2018 / 11:41

    never realised that my long soaks in the bath could make my feet worse thought it was good for them too x

  19. Fiona jk42
    29/11/2018 / 17:22

    I suffer from dry skin, so I keep both foot cream and hand cream on my bedside table, and put it on just before I go to sleep, so it has the whole night to work on my skin.

  20. Chloe Taylor
    28/02/2019 / 19:12

    Lovely tips – I like to use peppermint foot scrub, the soap and glory one is great and gets rid of dry skin on my heels
    thanks for sharing with us x

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