The Benefits Of Using A Jade Roller

I should probably explain what a jade roller is, rather than assuming you already know

A jade roller is a rolling tool which is designed to be used on your face. It is a mini roller, which has a solid jade stone on the end of it. Typcially both ends and the 2 stones will be of different sizes, if not interchangeable

After being used since the 17th century by the Chinese high society, the trend of more recent years became a hit in the US. The trend has also been referred to as Hollywood’s Little Secret

The Benefits

It has been said to decrease puffiness and dark under-eye circles, which I know I need some help with from time to time

Reduces the look of fine lines. These fine lines are shallow lines which appear on our faces as our skin ages.  Over time these fine lines turn into wrinkles where the collagen and elastin has broken down through ageing

Gently massing the stone across the areas of your face allows lymphatic drainage, as it stimulates the lymphatic system. This also helps with toning the slacking muscles

Body massages work the same way. They help stimulate the body’s lymphatic drainage system and channel the fluid to where it would typically settle

Using A Jade Roller

The idea isn’t to apply too much pressure, the light rolling across the skin with a jade roller is all that is required

You should start with a clean face, so once you have cleansed either morning or night. You don’t want to be rolling dirt deeper into your face and pores. Some people like to do both am and pm as part of their skin care routine

There isn’t any set area to start on but you roll from the centre, out. Always moving the roller away from the centre of your face

The larger of the 2 stones is best used on larger areas of your face such as your forehead and jawline. While the smaller stone be used for the under eyes and around the mouth area

A jade roller can also be kept in the fridge for extra coolness while using

My results

I have been using my jade roller for about 2 weeks now, and generally looking at my skin I do not see a great deal of difference. Understandably it takes more than 2 weeks to transform years of build up

That being said, I am really enjoying the soothing and relaxing feeling of using it and will continue to use it. Also, if its good enough for the A-list Hollywood celebrities then it’s good enough for me

If like me you enjoy a facial, a jade roller could be a great beauty tool for you to add to your collection

Have you ever considered using a Jade roller? Do you currently use one? I would love to know your thought in the comments



Jade Roller

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