Iconic London Has My Summer Glow Sorted

The sun keeps making appearances and teasing us with it’s rays

The chance of getting a natural glow keeps disappearing before my eyes so I am taking action in to my own hands with the help of Iconic London

Iconic London has only been available since 2015 but they have really shaken up the make up industry with their innovative and luxurious products

Their products are all 100% cruelty free and their brushes and their iconic illuminator is also Vegan


Getting That Glow

A highlighter has become a part of my daily make up routine and it is giving a more glamorous look to my usual blusher



I am using the Original Shimmer powder palette and I love it. I have swatched it on the inside and outside of my arms, as my skin  is significantly different in colour due to a recent holiday to The Algarve

However, as you can see the colour pay off on both sides of my arms is incredible, with this shimmer powder on your cheek bones, you really will be shining like a disco ball


Iconic London GlowIconic London Glow


Lets Talk Illumination

These incredibly rich and luxurious Illumination drops that is…



If you like extreme shine, these Illuminator drops are the ones for you, they are like liquified silver

Illuminator drops are the most extreme shine I have ever applied. I applied it on top of my foundation and blended it in with a beauty blender, there are no set instructions on how to apply it and realistically as it is so easy to work with you could easily use a brush or just your fingers if you prefer

My advise to anyone who wants to give it a try is start with just a drop and add more if you feel you need more, a little goes a long way

The bottles come in 13.5ml size and I can imagine this lasting me a long time, so a well worth while investment

Iconic London often have promotions on their products which they email to their newsletter subscribers

If the glow is a look you are keen on trying you will not be disappointed with what Iconic London offer


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  1. Tracy Nixon
    14/06/2018 / 04:12

    Those Illuminator drops sound great! Just what I need!

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