If You’re Not Already Bananas About Body Shop You Will Be Now

There are over 33,000 stores in 66 countries all over the world

The Body Shop has been an established brand for over 40 years, and if you are not already bananas about Body Shop you will be now

Working fairly with farmers and suppliers and helping communities thrive through the Community Trade programme

Being 100% vegetarian and always and forever being firmly against animal testing

Banana Range

Body Shop Bananas

The newest craze and scent to hit the Body Shop shelves is Bananas, literally Banana

As you would expect it smells incredible

The Shampoo and condition was first on my list of things to try, as I am really battling with my hair this Summer and the dreaded frizz

Body Shop Shampoo & Conditioner

The rich banana puree is luxurious and light on your hair

Banana scent sings out from your hair after use them, and the smell will last for a couple of days

Body Shop Banana Body Yoghurt

Moisturising and then waiting for it to dry can be a bit of an annoyance, especially of you are going out

If you want to jump out the shower, moisturise and then jump straight into those jeans…meet body yoghurt as it absorbs on damp skin

This light weight gel cream is super fast absorbing and moisturises for 48 hours

You will be smelling divine if you smother yourself in the banana scent

I also highly recommend you try the British Rose and the Almond Milk scents of the body yoghurts

Body Shop Banana Body Yoghurt

The original rich silky smooth body butter

The smell is in keeping with the range and the original body butter texture remains. The body butter’d also come in a handy travel size of 50ml, keep one in your hand bag

There was absolutely nothing I could dislike about the banana range

The products I tried all meet the standards I would expect of such an established brand

I was a bit concerned initially that it would be too much of a sickly sweet scent, but no. Not sickly, not overly sweet, just divine

The Body Shop if you haven’t shopped there before are also highly present online

They offer a customer loyalty scheme, and reward you on your birthday

It is always nice to get an unexpected present

I would love you to try out some of the banana range and let me know what you think below


I have a giveaway for one lucky reader 

The prize being 2 of Body Shops little bath treats boxes

  1. Shea
  2. Moringa

The Body Shop Bath Treats Boxes

Terms & Conditions.
1. Competition ends 15/09/18
2. There will be 1 winner chosen at random
3. Incomplete entries with be disqualified
4. UK entries only


    07/08/2018 / 09:00

    not used the banana range but would love to try it

  2. Tracy Nixon
    07/08/2018 / 09:43

    I have not tried it before but it sounds lovely!

  3. Margaret Gallagher
    07/08/2018 / 09:56

    Sounds lush – id certainly try it out

  4. iain maciver
    07/08/2018 / 10:51

    not tried so far but would love to

  5. Peter Watson
    07/08/2018 / 11:32

    I’ve not used the banana range but I would for certain consider using it.

  6. Alica
    07/08/2018 / 12:53

    I haven’t tried it yet but I will get some soon!

  7. Carrie-Anne Brown
    07/08/2018 / 15:14

    I haven’t tried it yet but would love to!

  8. Lorna Ledger
    07/08/2018 / 15:20

    No I have not tried it, but it looks wonderful, and I bet it smells great

  9. Ellen Stafford
    07/08/2018 / 16:24

    I’ve never tried it but my mum uses the shampoo and it smells lush!

  10. Fay
    07/08/2018 / 16:55

    I would definitely try them. I don’t like bananas but I love the smell of them

  11. Michelle Smith
    07/08/2018 / 17:51

    I love the sound of the banana range and would love to try it.

  12. pete c
    07/08/2018 / 19:46

    as bananas are a favourite anyway, this sound very inviting and would be happy to try

  13. Alice Gilkes
    08/08/2018 / 00:57

    I think it sounds lovely and I would love to try it.

  14. Stephanie Clifford
    08/08/2018 / 06:25

    The banana range is amazing….smelt it in store and bought the shampoo and conditioner. Left my hair feeling very soft and shiny. And smelling great

  15. Laura Jones
    08/08/2018 / 08:42

    have not tried but sounds really good love fruit fragrances but most tend to be strawberry raspberry exotic fruits etc

  16. Debbie Finnerty
    08/08/2018 / 16:12

    I havent tried the banana yet but the almond milk is amazing!

  17. Susan B
    08/08/2018 / 16:51

    New to me and I absolutely love the sound of it.

  18. Sheena Batey
    08/08/2018 / 21:56

    I would like to give it a go though I find it slightly strange

  19. Lisa Hall
    10/08/2018 / 08:08

    Would love to give these a go!

  20. Katie
    11/08/2018 / 07:00

    I haven’t tried it and didn’t know they did a banana range but I’d definitely give it a go!

  21. Solange
    12/08/2018 / 04:39

    I haven’t tried it yet but would consider using it.

  22. Ruth Harwood
    12/08/2018 / 07:10

    Would love to try these – never thought of using a banana-scented product before, I’m curious!

  23. A Bibi
    12/08/2018 / 07:57

    Mornings is my favourite. I would love to try the banana as well.

  24. 12/08/2018 / 09:59

    Not really keen on bananas, but I’d be very intrigued to try it out!

  25. Sophie Roberts
    12/08/2018 / 14:35

    I’ve never tried it but I’d really love to!

  26. jo liddement
    12/08/2018 / 15:09

    I love Body Shop products especially their body butter and lotions. I bet the banana range smells gorgeous.

  27. Laura Jeffs
    12/08/2018 / 15:15

    Must admit I haven’t tried the Banana range yet, but would totally love to!

  28. Julie Edwards
    12/08/2018 / 15:23

    I have a severe phobia about bananas. Strange I know! Cannot bear to see them, smell them or touch them. Never mind eat them….

  29. Janet Birkin
    12/08/2018 / 15:42

    I haven’t tried it but sure would love the chance

  30. Tee Buckley
    12/08/2018 / 21:21

    It smells yummy, would love to win.

  31. nicola rupawala
    13/08/2018 / 14:28

    I haven’t tried it but it looks amazing

  32. Charlotte G
    13/08/2018 / 17:47

    I’ve never tried this range but I would love to. I bet it would smell amazing!

  33. Tracy Newton
    15/08/2018 / 18:31

    When I was a teenager, Body Shop used to do a banana shampoo and conditioner. I loved it. It was great on my dry hair

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